10 Things We Miss About Danny

10. Watching the vein in his temple throb in exasperation as he talked on the phone.

9. Fixing problems with his computer for him by rebooting.

8. Being asked hypothetical questions about things I have honestly never considered.

7. Having to settle arguments over pronunciation and meaning of words like pilfer.

6. Listening to Danny scream like a girl when someone startled him.

5. Finding out that your sales team spent three hours debating the cultural influences of the Dukes of Hazzard.

4. Having Danny’s grandmother call to make sure he was behaving.

3. Watching the dust accumulate on his company laptop.

2. Being able to set our watches by his arrivals at 8:05 and his departures at 3:55.

1. Not ever having to wonder what you will do with your leftovers from lunch.

RIP Danny.  You’ve gone on to that BIg Cubicle Across the River.  We wish you luck and want to give you one last piece of advice:


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