A Cold Start To Spring

hail stones Spring hit us with a cold and icy first day. It snowed in parts of northern and central Arkansas as well as in parts of southern Missouri. It hailed here last night. Mostly, we just got cold weather and rain. We did need the rain.

Cold and wet is not very conducive to working in gardens and flower beds. It looks like everyone holed up this week and watched basket ball.

We have a lot of plants ready to move out as soon as the weather cooperates. March has not been a good month for growing with the cool temps and cloudy weather. Some of our crops are behind schedule which is a good thing. Others are on schedule and some we have had to skip over and go to the next crop to maintain quality.

We have moved a lot of over-grown baskets to our shade house and cut them back. They didn’t sell when they were ready and got too big. We have also moved other crops out to the cooler shade house to help hold them and keep them from getting too big too fast. Over all we are in good shape for quality and availability. More items have been added to our list again this week.

We have had the new Burpee Bumper Crop Heirloom Tomatoes on the list, but I have forgotten to mention them here for the last couple of weeks. They are the new grafted tomatoes that promise 50% more tomatoes per plant. They are great for gardeners with small gardens who love the taste of heirloom tomatoes.

They have big tags which explain the benefits of the grafted tomatoes to your consumers.

bumper tomatoes 9 bumper tomatoes 1

bumper tomatoes 2

We have Sunpatiens ready now too.

sunpatiens #1-5 sunpatiens #1-1

Bacopa baskets look great!

bacopa basket 2 bacopa basket 1

We also have #1G tomatoes available in decent numbers.

1 gallon tomatoes 2

Begonias in all sizes are coloring up.

babywing begonias 4.5in begonias 4in 1

begonias 4in 3 begonias 1204

bliss begonias bliss begonias 2

Other items that are looking good.

butterfly pentas 4.5in red pentas 4.5in

caladiums fantasia geranium 4.5in

fern basket double impatiens

fiesta double impatiens 4.5in double impatiens bskets 2

geranium basket geranium citrus 4.5in 

dreamland mix zinnias geraniums 

gerbera daisy 4.5in lobelia 4.5in

hawaiian summer confetti garden kir royal confetti garden 4

confetti garden 2 surpiese bumblebee confetti garden 

osteospermum 4.5in plectranthus and lysimachia 4.5in

plum vein wave petunia 6in red salvia 4in 

stardust whiet sparkle euphorbia streptocarpella 4.5in

succulents 4.5in sweet potato vine 4.5in 

vinca cora cascade basket wave petunia baskets 9

wave petunia baskets opposites attract wave petunia basket 

wave medley 8in wave petunias 6in

colocasia #! 

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of our packs but most of them have Color to Good Color. Some of the begonias are light on color.

pacifica blush vinca 1204 snapdragons J6 

vinca 1204 marigolds 

Our 4in Tomatoes are perfect.

jetstar tomato 4in 

This is a picture of our new #12 Coco Cone Planters. The coco-liners have Aquasav liners that creates a reservoir at the bottom of the container to help keep the plants watered. All the coco planters we have will have the Aquasav liners in them. The liners are sandwiched between the coco fibers.

new coco cone planters

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