A Cold, Wet Week And Looking Forward To A Nice, Sunny Weekend

It has been cold and wet here all week. Usually that means that we had a slow, quiet week, but that was not the case. We were just as busy this week as we were the week before. I guess everyone is anticipating a nice weekend. I know I’m looking forward to some sunshine.

For next week, we are going to be between crops on all our Wave Petunias as well as our 1204 Petunias. We will have more Confetti Gardens available in #6 and Baskets. Our first crop of #4.5 Purslane is starting to show some color, and so are 2 colors of the #1G Sunpatiens. We have a couple more #1G Hostas ready too and more Clematis and Peonies. We also have some very nice Bacopa, geranium, Trailing Verbena and Cora Cascade Vinca baskets for next week.

Availability April 4 – avail-04.04.11

colocasia color-bowls

confetti-hawaiian-flamingo-6in confetti-hawaiian-kiss-bskt

confetti-purple-cleopatra-6in geranium-zonal-basket

kong-coleus setcreasea

verbena-baskets zinnia-zahara-double-cherry

#4.5 Premium Annuals

4.5in-premium1 4.5in-premium2

colues-henna gerbera-daisy

lantana-lemon-cream lantana-sunrise-rose

plectranthus-mona-lavender succulents

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