A Couple of Days Off

Wasn’t that a Huey Lewis song?

Anyway, I had hoped to have time to do one more chapter of the Mum Chronicles, show you pictures of the poinsettia cuttings we just got in and do a profile on our new sales person, .  We hired two new sales persons but only one is left.  Alas, it must not have been meant to be.  I don’t know why they decided not to stay.  I showered and everything that day.  Oh, well, like I was saying there isn’t going to be time to get to it this week because I am taking a few days off.  My wife and I are off the the Rocklahoma concert bash (5 days of 80’s hair metal bands).  I will be back in the office next week ready to take up the blog and get some other work done as well.

See you next week.

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