A Great Halloween Prank And A Nearly Forgotten Availability

Want an idea for a great Halloween prank?  Forget about TP’ing your neighbor’s house tomorrow night.  What you should do is buy a bunch of pansies and plant their flower beds for them.  They would never see THAT one coming and would never suspect you of something so nefarious.  Try it and see what happens.

I almost forgot to update the blog today and post this new availability.  It’s been one of those weeks.

New Ready List For November 1 – avail-10.29

Lots of pansy pictures for you.

The first are of the Colossus Pansies:

pansy-colossus-blotch-rose pansy-colossus-blotch-yellow

pansy-colossus-neon-violet-and-blotch-blue pansy-colossus-purple-wing


Matrix Pansies

pansy-matrix-blotch-mix pansy-matrix-clear-mix

pansy-matrix-clear-orange pansy-matrix

pansy-matrix-clear-rose-and-sunrise pansy-matrix-sunrise

Delta Pansies

pansy-delta-beaconsfield pansy-delta-lavender-blue


Panolas and Violas

panola-purple panola-sky-blue-and-blothc-yellow

panola-true-blue viola-penny-all-seasons-mix

viola-penny-deep-blue viola-sorbet-baby-face-yellow

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