A Long Week And More Pictures

Howdy, everyone.  I hope you all are as busy as we are.  We have taken a HUGE number of orders and are working as hard as we can to get them out to you as fast as we can.  When we leave at night there is not an empty truck on the farm.  We are loading up and shipping them back out as fast as they come in.  It’s going to be a long week for us.

Availability was thin to none this week on quite a few popular items especially with some of the baskets.  You all have increased your orders twice as much as we had anticipated up to this point so we are running tight on some of the numbers.  Next week the availability is looking better on most of those items.  We will have a new ready list posted Friday afternoon here on the blog  if you want to get a jump on getting an order in to us.  Otherwise the list will be emailed and faxed out to you as usual.

I suggest getting your order in as early as you can.  However, delivery will depend on us being able to fill up a truck to your area and the availability of trucks to load.

Here are some more pictures for you too.

geraniums  fiber-optic-grass

12in-combo-bskt1  hardy-fern

portulaca-1204  next-crops

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