A Not So Warm Welcome From March

March is here but you can’t tell it. I tried to ignore the weather but it came anyway. We had quite the weather pattern move through yesterday and this morning. It started with rain and thunderstorms with some hail that changed to freezing rain and thunder sleet. We got an inch or two of sleet. Last night it snowed a little and there were a few flurries this morning. Plus we almost hit a record low. We missed it by 4 degrees with a low of 12 F.

We are still getting calls from customers who want some plants. I talked to one customer in Louisiana who said that it was snowing as we were speaking. I talked to another guy in Mississippi who said he had the A/C on in his truck driving home yesterday then had to turn the heater on when he came to work this morning.

It’s supposed to be nice by the end of the week so you might ought to think about gearing up for some customers. Folks are sick of winter and are ready to do some planting.

In the meantime, we are waiting for it all to melt.

ice snow 04 3-3-14

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