A Plethora Of Pansies and Mucho Mums-Availability Update for September 22, 2014

J6 pansy greenhouse 9-19-14[4]I am running behind today. We are working diligently to get our spring production booked to ensure that we get the plants we need to make your customers smile next spring.

So straight to the pictures.

#6 cabbage dynasty red 9-19-14#6 cabbage dynasty white 9-19-14#6 kale chidori red 9-19-14#6 calibrachoa apricot 9-19-146in lavender calibrachoa 9-19-14#6 Swiss chard bright lights 9-19-14

Wave Petunia Baskets

#10 basket petunia easy wave white 9-19-14#10 basket petunia wave blue 9-19-14 (3)

1801 Pansy, Petunias and Snapdragons

1801 Pansy matrix clear blue 9-19-141801 Pansy matrix clear mix 9-19-141801 Pansy matrix light blue 9-19-141801 petunias 5 9-19-141801 Snaps white 9-19-141801 snapdragons 5 9-19-14

J6 Fall Annuals

J6 dianthus floral lace crimson 9-19-14J6 dianthus floral lace mix 9-19-14J6 dianthus floral lace white 9-19-14J6 dianthus 5 9-19-14J6 dusty miller silverdust 9-19-14J6 Panola beaconsfield 9-19-14J6 panola jewels and jazz mix 9-19-14J6 panola orange 9-19-14J6 panola true blue 9-19-14J6 pansy colossus blotch yellow 9-19-14J6 pansy colossus formula mix 9-19-14 (2)J6 pansy colussus tricolor 9-19-14J6 pansy matrix clear mix 9-19-14J6 pansy matrix clear yellow 9-19-14J6 pansy matrix light blue 9-19-14J6 pansy matrix morpheus 9-19-14J6 panolas 9-19-14J6 petunia dreams appleblossom 9-19-14J6 petunia dreams mix 9-19-14J6 petunia dreams red 9-19-14J6 petunia prism sunshine 9-19-14J6 petunias 5 9-19-14J6 petunias 6 9-19-14J6 snapdragon red 9-19-14J6 snapdragons 5 9-19-14J6 violas-19-14J6 viola yellow 9-19-14J6 viola yellow diet 9-19-14


12in tricolor 9-19-1412in bronze mum 5 9-19-1212in purple mums 5 9-19-1412in red mums 5 9-19-1412in white mum 5 9-19-1212in yeloow mum 5 9-19-128in mums 5 9-19-148in mums 6 9-19-148in mums 7 9-19-148in mums 8 9-19-148in mums 9 9-19-148in mums 10 9-19-14

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