A Quick Post With Pictures for Next Week

Hello everyone,

It seems that I never have time to just blog. I used to be able to write a few posts a week and talk about the industry or whatever was on my mind. Now all I seem to do is run to the next fire of which there are 2 and maybe 3 that needs to be done today before I leave for a conference in LR and an overnight stay that I have not even packed for yet.

Enough of my whining. We will have some color ready next week. I think that we will probably be getting loads out going south next week. We might be able to piece together enough products for some other runs to. Early availability is kind of limited because we have to play it conservative. We never know if is will be 70 degrees or snowing this time of year.

We also have a new feature here on the website. If you look to the right, there are now two availability links. The Current Availability link will take you to today’s availability. The Future Availability will take you to an availability 3 days out.

On Monday through Friday morning, these two will be the same. However, sometime Friday afternoon we will get the new availability numbers in for the next week and I will update the link. When the link is updated Friday after noon it will show Monday’s availability.

This all means that you don’t have to wait for the fax or email to get Monday’s availability. The Future Availability link will only show Monday’s availability from sometime Friday afternoon until the end of the day Sunday. Starting Monday they will both be the same. Each availability has a date on it at the bottom so they you can see which one you are using. Ask your sales rep if you have any questions about these availabilities.

Now here is some of what we will have ready next week. Be sure to check out the availability because I did not have time to run around and get pics of all the new additions like #4 Herbs.

1204’s – we have some blooms starting to open up on our dianthus and impatiens (in the middle of the house on the picture on the right)

1204 dianthus impatiens

Tomatoes are ready too along with our cole crops (not pictured).

1204 tomatoes 1 1204 tomatoes 4

J6 – getting more color out each day. The marigold buds pictured will be blooming sometime next week (I estimated some Light Color by Tuesday). We are running behind on our begonias.

J6 ageratum J6 verbena

J6 alyssum J6 dazzler impatiens 

J6 dianthus J6 marigolds 

J6 salvia J6 snapdragons

We have a lot of great looking perennials some even have buds and a few blooms.

buddleia 4 buddleia 5

echinacea cheyenne spirit echinacea pow wow wildberry

lavender perennials 8

scabiosa sedum angelina

sempervivum verbena homestead purple

verbena homestead red

perennials 2 perennials 9

Other stuff – Plumosus Ferns and some very nice looking geranium baskets that will be putting some blooms out in 10-14 days.

fern plumosus 1801 geranium baskets

Shaggy Shield Hardy Fern and Margarite Sweet Potato Vine

hardy fern shaggy shield ipomoea margarite 4.5in

Golden Lysimachia – kinda looks green in the pic but it’s not, and some Taishan Marigolds that are budding.

lysimachia 4.5in taishan marigolds 6in

Lots of color out on our Wave Petunia Hanging Baskets. I didn’t have time to fish them down from the drip lines to get better pictures. Sorry. These bottom up views show how far over the edge of the pot they are now (Friday).

wave petunia baskets 1 wave petunia baskets 7

wave petunia baskets 9

These are just some greenhouse shots.

greenhouse 6 greenhouse 7

greenhouse 8

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