A Recap and a New Beginning

Now that things have slowed down a bit I have more time to blog as frequently as I should. From what I hear from around the region the spring was not one of the better selling seasons. Most every one experienced poor sales in March and April and have yet to make up the deficits. For us sales are not down as much as I expected and, thankfully, we chose to cut back on a few items that would have really hurt our numbers had we not.

Some of the hot sellers this spring were heirloom tomatoes, bronze leaf rose begonias, mixed vinca in packs but not #4’s and calilbrachoa baskets.

Accent Foliage Plants Some not so hot items were impatiens, petunias, gazanias, white and purple double impatiens, accent plants, and larger pots that are ready now are not selling yet.

What sold well for you? I would love to get some feedback on what’s working and what’s flopping. Better communication between us and our customers can make sure that we all have a great spring in ’09!

Also here is an updated availability with updated numbers on vinca and begonias.


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