Bronze Beauty Ajuga

Bronze Ajuga

Bronze Beauty Ajuga, also known as carpet bugle or bugleweed, is a low-growing and fast-spreading, evergreen perennial ground cover. While this plant’s deep burgundy foliage is it’s main allure, Bronze Beauty also blooms with small spikes of blue flowers in the spring. It’s fall color is a striking reddish bronze and can hold its leaves all winter.

Bronze Beauty is tough and withstands light foot traffic. It spreads to form a dense matt of foliage. It finds most soil conditions tolerable – just make sure the area drains well. Ajuga doesn’t like wet feet. These plants are hardy in zones 3-9.

Deer and rabbits usually leave this perennial alone, but hummingbirds and butterflies are drawn to the bright blue, bloom spikes.

Plant in full sun to full shade 10-12″ apart. Grows 4-6″ tall.

We grow Bronze Beauty Ajuga in our #4 Accent category (1801) size.

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