Ajuga, also known as carpet bugle or bugleweed, is a low-growing and fast-spreading, evergreen perennial ground cover. They are tough plants that form a dense mat of foliage that can withstand light foot traffic. All ajuga are best known and best utilized for its foliage and ground-covering growth habit.

Ajuga has a lot of outstanding qualities such as being resistant to foraging by deer and rabbits, being drought and frost tolerant and attracting pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds.

Ajuga will come back each year. In the warmer southern parts of the country ajuga provides nearly year around performance. They can be uses as groundcovers, borders and edging, and in rock gardens and mixed containers.

We grow Bronze Beauty Ajuga in our #4 Accent category (1801) size.

bronze beauty ajuga

Bronze Beauty Ajuga

ajuga bronze beauty

Bronze Beauty Ajuga is a popular, fast growing groundcover. It’s dark burgundy leaves have a glossy sheen and deep corrugated veins. While this plant’s deep burgundy=green foliage is it’s main allure, Bronze Beauty also blooms with small spikes of bright, blue flowers in the late spring and summer. It’s fall foliage color is a striking reddish bronze and can hold its leaves all winter.

Plant Bronze Beauty 10-12″ apart in full sun to full shade. Grows 6-8″ tall and will spread 18-36″ wide in optimum conditions.

Burgundy Glow Ajuga

burgundy glow ajuga ball 540x360
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Burgundy Glow Ajuga has very attractive multi-colored, variegated foliage. The variegation has shades of pink, silver, purple and green. It the fall all the colors change to a deep bronze color that adds fall interest. In the late spring and summer, it has dark, blue blooms on short flower spikes.

Plant Burgundy Glow 12-18″ apart in full shade to full sun. Grows 3-6″ tall and will spread 18-36″ wide in optimum conditions.

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