Alternanthera, sometimes called Joseph’s Coat, is a great accent and border plant for flower beds and combination pots.

We grow Party Time, Purple Prince and Yellow Joseph’s Coat that are available in our #4 (1801) Accent Annuals.

Party Time

Party Time Alternanthera

Party Time’s green foliage has blotches of bright pink scattered throughout the leaves of the plant. Party Time Alternanthera is a annual plant that will thrive in the heat of summer, but will not survive cold weather or frosts.

Party Time grows 12-18″ tall. Plant 12-14″ apart in full sun to part shade. Keep soil evenly moist. Party Time is mostly used in containers to add a foliage aspect to contrast with the blooming plants.

Purple Prince

Purple Prince Alternanthera is a compact alternanthera with colorful, eye-catching purple/burgundy foliage. To add to it splashy presentation, the leaves are a rosy color underneath. Purple Prince is a mounding plant that spreads out as well.

Purple Prince grows 10-16″ tall and 18-20″ wide. Plant 12-14″ apart in full sun to partial sun. It’s mainly used in flower beds as borders or in mass plantings. It can also be used as an accent plant in combinations to provide dark foliage as a contrasting color.

Purple Prince does well in hot summers and is drought tolerant and disease resistant.

Yellow (Joseph’s Coat)

Yellow Alternanthera is what most people think about when they hear Joseph’s Coat. It comes in yellow/chartreuse and green.

Yellow Joseph’s Coat is an annual and has narrow pointed leave on short, compact plants that look great in flower bed borders and large plantings. In addition to looking great, its low maintenance makes it very popular with landscapers.

Yellow Alternanthera grows 8-10″ tall. Plant in full sun 6-8″ apart. Full sun tends to bring out the best yellow color. Planting in part sun or shade can cause the foliage to revert to more green colors.

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