Alyssum is a small and fast-growing annual that, when in bloom, is covered in clusters of dainty star-shaped bloom clusters. The blooms are very fragrant and, therefore, is a great attractant of butterflies and bees. The foliage consists of small, narrow leaves that are mid-green. Alyssum adds a delicate, almost dainty texture to flower beds and containers.

The Clear Crystal series is very fragrant and boasts large flowers. They are a tetraploid alyssum that are more vigorous and have stronger performance than standard diploid alyssums. The plants stay low and dense in beds and landscapes.

In the south, Clear Crystal Alyssum grows well in the early spring. However, when the heat and humidity take over, it will struggle to keep looking good. At this point they may need to have any diebacks trimmed back. They are also a good plant for early spring and fall plantings with pansies. In the north, this plant performs all summer long.

Clear Crystal has a sprawling habit and does very well in planters and containers where they can spill over the edges. Great locations for them include window boxes and borders, and they also serve well as accents in planters. They also do well in urban environments and thrive in inner city plantings.

Plant in full sun 6-10″ apart. Grows 6-10″ tall and 12-14″ wide.

Clear Crystal Alyssum does well in a wide variety of soils. Keep evenly moist, but not waterlogged.

We grow Clear Crystal Alyssum in our J6 (606) Annuals and #4 Annuals sizes. Colors include Lavender, Purple, White and Mix.

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