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The Begonia is one of the most popular summer annuals ever. It is used by both professional landscapers and casual gardeners for their performance in hot, dry conditions. It flowers throughout the summer up to the first frost. Few other annuals beat a begonia for hardiness and continuous flowering throughout the summer.

Also called Fibrous or Wax Begonias, they have an upright, compact habit with extensive basal branching and can be used in a wide range of conditions and applications. As mentioned, landscapers rely on begonias for a large part of their summer contracts. They look best when used in mass plantings or as a border. In addition to the landscape, they do great in any flower bed as well as in containers especially hanging baskets.

Begonias do best in moist well-drained soils. They are drought tolerant and can bounce back from some of the harshest conditions and neglect.

Begonias come in two foliage colors – bronze leaf and green leaf. Both are outstanding but do have one major difference that determines the best use of each. Which dose best in the sun?

Plant 8-10″ apart in full shade to part sun. or full sun (bronze leaf only). Grows 10-12″ tall.

We grow Begonias in several sizes – J6 (606) Annuals, #4 Annuals and #10 Hanging Baskets. Colors include Bronze Leaf Mix, Bronze Leaf Red, Bronze Leaf Rose, Bronze Leaf White, Green Leaf Mix, Green Leaf Red, Green Leaf Rose and Green Leaf White.

Bronze Leaf Begonias

Begonias with bronze foliage are more popular than their green leaf cousins. They are the ones that perform best in the sunnier locations but can also be planted or hung in the shade. Their foliage darkens in the sun and can lighten up in shade.

Bronze begonias with red blooms make an impressive display when planted in a mass. While all the colors are vivid, the red blooms contrast best against the dark foliage.

Green Leaf Begonias

While the green leaf begonia doesn’t always get the acclaim and attention that the bronze leaf colors do, the green leaf varieties are still solid performers. They do best in shady locations and can also stand some sun. The green foliage will develop a reddish-bronze margin in higher light levels.

Morning sun is best but they will handle 3-6 hours of sun during the day. Gardeners should try avoid placing them in locations that get late afternoon summer sun.

Green leaf begonias are a great substitute for impatiens in the shade and are a great companion plant to impatiens as well. Their colors can brighten up the shadiest spot.

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#10 Begonia Baskets

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