Cannova Cannas

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Cannova Cannas bring a tropical look to landscapes and gardens. They have large, lush banana-like leaves that are pointed. Their blooms are held up on bloom spikes above the foliage. Cannovas have outstanding garden performance and flower profusely. They are also able to be utilized in diverse plantings such as large patio containers, large landscape or smaller flower bed plantings, and bog gardens.

Cannovas flower from April until first frost. They grow upright on strong stems and have very good branching. They thrive in cooler summer climates as well as in hotter climates where they are heat and drought tolerant. The plants are compact and will produce flowers in smaller containers. Cannova’s bright, lavish blooms attract butterflies.

Cannova Cannas grow well in temperatures ranging from 40F-95F degrees. They have large leaves that need to be sheltered a bit from high winds that can damage them. Removing old blooms can help make the plants look cleaner and promote new blooms. Trim old bloom stems back next to the shoot when they no longer have any new buds. Plant shoots can be cut back anytime the plants get too large.

All Cannas prefer moist soils and will even grow in shallow water. They don’t like to dry out so water them regularly. Cannas need room to grow so if you plant them in containers be sure to repot them if they look to be close to outgrowing your pot. They spread via rhizomes and can be divided if they get too big for your space.

Plant Cannova in full sun 7” to 10” apart. They grow 30″ to 48” tall and 14″‘ to 20″ wide.

We try to sell and ship our Cannova Cannas green before buds develop and they get too tall to ship.

We grow Cannova Cannas in our #6 Premium Annual size category and carry Bronze Orange, Bronze Peach, Bronze Scarlet, Mango, Red Golden Flame, Rose and Yellow.

Bronze Orange, Bronze Peach and Bronze Scarlet have dark bronze foliage while the rest have dark green foliage.

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#6 Premium Cannas ready to ship

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