Cordyline is a colorful foliage plant that is popular for its thick, sword-shaped leaves that grow upright and arch out. It looks similar to Dracaena Spikes but is larger. It is more closely related to yuccas and agave then draceana spikes.

Cordylines are tropical plants native to the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. They grow well in both containers and landscapes. Due to them being tropical they are usually grown as an annual in most parts of the US. Codryline in containers can be overwintered inside near a south facing window.

It is low maintenance and loves the heat and humidity. They do well planted near swimming pools and look great when paired with Tropical Hibiscus. They also look nice in combination planters when used as a center piece.

Plant them 36-72″ apart in full sun. They grow 36-72″ tall and 36-72″ wide depending on where they are planted and the length of the growing season. First year growth is typically 24-36′ tall and about the same wide.

We produce Cordyline in our 1G Premium Tropical category. We grow Red Sensation and Red Star both of which have puplish-red foliage colors. We also grow Dancing Renegade that has dark purple foliage with a slight red tint. We have grown Torbay Dazzler which has green leaves with creamy variegation along the foliage edges, but there are none avalable this year. Hopefully, we’ll have them again for 2023.

Images coming soon.

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