Impatiens Baskets

Hanging Baskets
Hanging Baskets

Impatien Baskets are a must have plant for color in a shady location. Impatiens are one of the best known and most popular garden plants for its prolific flowers and ease in growing. Impatiens have bright green leaves and come in a wide assortment of colors.

For vivid color in summer months where other annuals won’t grow because of shade, Impatiens are the most dependable summer annual. Combine all colors available or select one or two colors for the greatest visual impact.

Pinch them back as needed if plants become leggy or overgrown, as they will in climates with long summers, and avoid prolonged wet conditions that can lead to rot.

Hang Impatien Baskets in part sun to full shade. The ideal spot is where they can get a few hours of morning sun then be in the shade the rest of the day. Baskets grow 14-18″ wide and 12-14″ tall.

We grow Impatiens in our #10 Hanging Basket size category.

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