Jurassic Begonias

Jurassic Begonia, the name invokes images of large-leaved plants that might have been eaten or trampled by dinosaurs. It is an appropriate name for the Jurassic™ Begonias. The unusual colors, bold shapes, and textures of these Rex Begonias bring something unique to the landscape. Depending on the variety, the leaves can reach 5-9 inches on these vigorous, mounding plants.

Jurassic Begonias were developed for their colorful foliage and unique patterns. They have upright, slightly spreading habits. They are outstanding foliage plants and will perform best in containers where they can be maintained. But they can also be used in landscapes. A thick mulching will help protect the root zone and retain moisture. Each variety of Jurassic Begonia adds a unique color and texture to plantings and combination planters.

Plant in full shade with indirect sunlight 6-10″ apart. Grows 16-20″ tall and 18-20″ wide.

We grow Jurassic Rex Begonias in our #6 Premium Annuals (#6 size). Colors include Dino Black Sky, Cherry Spike, Heartbeat, Red Splash, Silver Point, Silver Swirl and Watermelon.

Jurassic Dino Black Sky

Jurassic Dino Black Sky Begonia has leaves in shades of dark green to dark burgundy tinted with rose-pink shades and is speckled with spots that vary from dark pink to white. This is new and the foliage varies in color in most of the images.

Jurassic Dino Black Sky Rex Begonia Color Code: 440c, 5575c, 5743c BSC 2022 Ball Ingenuity Foliage 08.03.20 West Chicago, Mark Widhalm Job: 20167300 DinoBlackSky.JPG BEG20-27278_AL.JPG
Jurassic Dino Black Sky Rex Begonia Color Code: BSC Ball Ingenuity 4” Pot On Sweep 03.24.21 West Chicago, Mark Widhalm Job: 21203550 DinoBlackSky01.JPG BEG21-28016_AL.JPG

Jurassic Cherry Spike

Jurassic Cherry Spike Begonia has leaves in shades of grey-green to light pink with a mottled burgundy border.

Jurassic Heartbeat

Jurassic Heartbeat Begonia has rounded leaves in shades of pink to red with touches of darker edges and veins.

Jurassic Red Splash

Jurassic Red Splash Begonia has wine-red leaves with silver-green borders and red edges.

Jurassic Silver Point

Jurassic Silver Point Begonia has silver-green leaves with hints of pink tint, dark green center veins and dark burgundy leaf edges

silver point jurassic begonia
silver point jurassic begonia

Jurassic Silver Swirl

Jurassic Silver Swirl Begonia has ruffled, heart-shaped leaves with silver variegation and dark edges.

silver swirl jurassic begoina
silver swirl jurassic begonia

Jurassic Watermelon

Watermelon has leaves with rosy-pink centers outlined with bright green mottled with spots, and the leaf edges are dark reddish-burgundy.

watermelon jurassic begonia
watermelon jurassic begonia

Pics from the Greenhouses

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