Petticoat New Guinea Impatiens

Petticoat New Guinea Impatiens have bold colored blooms of over dark green foliage. This series has a medium growth rate that tends to be very uniform across all colors. Petticoat’s compact, mounding plants, are covered with blossoms from late spring to early fall.

New Guinea Impatiens are often called sunshine Impatiens because they tolerate more sun than regular impatiens. As the name indicates, these colorful plants are native to New Guinea, an island north of Australia. They were introduced in the 1970s and have been improved from stringy, low blooming plants to more compact plants with numerous blooms.

Petticoats are great for filling out containers, flower boxes and flower bed boarders in shadier locations. They stay shorter than most other new guinea impatiens and their mounding habit fills out containers nicely.

Plant in full to partial shade 10-12″ apart. Petticoat will grow 10-12″ tall.

#4.5 Premium Annual New Guinea Impatiens

We grow Petticoat New Guinea Impatiens in our #4.5 Premium category. The colors we produce are Blue Star, Cherry Star, Fire, Pink Berry, Purple and White. We are also trialing Wild Romance Peach New Guinea Impatiens in the #4.5 Premium Annuals.

petticoat blue star new guinea impatien
Petticoat Blue Star
Petticoat Cherry Star
Fire New Guinea Impatien
Petticoat Fire
petticoat pink berry new guinea impatien
Petticoat Pink Berry
petticoat purple new guinea impatien
Petticoat Purple
petticoat white new guinea impatien
Petticoat White 2022
wild romance peach new guinea impatien
Wild Romance Peach

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