Sun Coleus

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Sun Coleus gets it’s name due to the ability of these coleus varieties to perform well in full sun. They should not be confused with regular coleus varieties that require shade. In addition, they are typically larger and more vigorous than the standard shade coleuses. Like the standard coleus, they also come in a wide range of colors, but are propagated by vegetative cuttings. The standard coleuses are grown from seeds. There are hundreds of different varieties of sun coleus available. Everyone can find a sun coleus they like.

They are probably one of the easiest annuals to grow. Sun Coleus will do well in a wide variety of soils, but they do need quite a bit of water to look good in full sun. If automatic, scheduled irrigation is not available, they will let you know when to water them when they start wilting. Sun Coleuses are drought tolerant and can handle quite a bit of neglect in regards to regular watering.

Even though they are called Sun Coleus, they will perform equally in both sun and shade. In areas where the summers are hot and humid, Sun Coleus will perform best in part-sun with afternoon shade. In northern climates and higher elevations, they will do well with less shade. Color intensity can vary depending on the amount of sun and/or shade they get.

Sun Coleus are hard to beat when it comes to foliage plants. They can add a whole different level of color contrast to flower beds and landscapes.

Plant in full sun to full shade. Spacing and height will depend on the variety. Specifics for each variety we grow are listed below.

Sun Coleus are grown in our #4.5 Premium Annual size category. We also use them in a few of out #12 Deco Pot Combinations.

Tip: For more compact and bushier plants, pinch off the top tip of the main stem to promote branching.

Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chocolate Covered Cherry has rose and mahogany centers outlined with lime green edges.

Plant 10-12″ apart. Grows 12-14″ tall.

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French Quarter

French Quarter has a dark pink center surrounded by darker mahogany with veins running into bright green edges.

Plant 20-28″ apart. Grows 18-36″ tall.

Pink Sun Coleus
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Indian Summer

Indian Summer starts out light green and matures to mahogany and red shades keeping some of the green highlights.

Plant 14-16″ apart. Grows 14-28″ tall.

Coleus Indian Summer © 2022 Ball Horticultural Company
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Inferno has textured leaves and bright orange coloration. Inferno has more consistent orange color compared to other orange coleus.

Plant 14-24″ apart. Grows 14-28″ tall.

Orange Sun Coleus
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Redhead has vibrant red leaves with serrated edges.

Plant 16-24″ apart. Grows 18-36″ tall.

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