Another Pictures Only Week – September 13, 2013

I am so far behind it’s not even remotely funny. I hope the weather cools off for everyone this weekend so that we can all get fall started.

Also we have some J6 Cabbage and other cool season vegetables available. I didn’t get any pictures of them.

J6 viola yellow duet J6 all season mix viola J6 colossus blotch mix pansy J6 colossus blotch yellow pansy J6 harvest mix viola J6 pansies 1 J6 pansies 22 J6 pansies 41 J6 pansies 46 J6 pansies 48 J6 petunias 2 J6 petunias 3 J6 petunias 7 J6 petunias 9 J6 montego mix snapdragons1801 pansy 1 1801 pansy 13 1801 pansy 15 1801 pansy 30 1801 pansy 47 1801 petunias calibrachoa apricot 6in calibrachoa purple 6in calibrachoa white 6in J6 floral lace mix dianthus sonnet mix snapdragons 1801 sonnet snapdragons 1801 wave petunias 6in 

Cabbage and Kale

ornamental cabbage red 8in ornamental cabbage white 6in ornamental cabbage white 8in ornamental kale red 6in swiss chard 6in 

We have a few wave petunia baskets ready.

wave baskets

Mums – 8”

bronze 8in 2013091 purple 8in 20130913-1 purple 8in 20130913-2 red 8in 20130913-1 red 8in 20130913-2 yellow 8in 20130913

Mum’s – 12”

tricolor 12in mums white 12in mums yellow 12in mums bronze 12in mums purple 12in mums red 12in mums

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