Native Aquilegia (Aquilegia vulgaris) Eastern Red Columbine Little Lanterns

eastern red columbine aquilegia patty felder CC BY 4.0
Patty Felder CC BY 4.0

Common names: Eastern Red Columbine, Wild Columbine

Eastern Red Columbine is a native perennial to the the eastern half North America. It likes areas with partial shade, good moisture and rich, organic soils which generally will keep them in areas of native forests and surrounding partially wooded areas.

They bloom with distinctive, red and yellow flowers (some flowers can be coral or pink in color instead of red) on tall stems that are over two feet tall. The blooms hang with their faces pointed down and have upward pointing spurred petals. Bloom time is in the spring and they can bloom for up to a month. Their blooms attract pollinators.

Plant Eastern Red Columbine in partially shaded areas in good soils that are similar to the woodland areas where they grow naturally. Be sure to incorporate organically rich soils and provide enough moisture. They grow upright and can grow to 36″ tall and spread to 15-18″ wide.

Once established, Eastern Red Columbine can spread through self seeding.

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Ornamental Aquilegia

common aquilegia winky blue columbine
Winky Blue & White
common aquilegia wink red and white columbine
Winky Blue & White
common columbine aquilegia winky rose rose © ball

Winky Aquilegia mages © 2022 Ball Horticultural Company

Ornamental Aquilegia is also called Common Aquilegia (Aquilegia vulgaris) which is native to Europe. It has unusual shaped flowers that grow on long stems out of neat compact foliage. Blooms can be up to 3 inches in size! They bloom from spring into early summer and make great cut flowers lasting up to two weeks in a vase.

The Winky Aquilegia (Aquilegia vulgaris) have compact, bushy plants with loads of blooms that face up. The Winky series is mildew tolerant. They are heavy bloomers and really can put on a show in the spring.

Aquilegia is easy to grow and does well in all types of flower beds, boarders and grows well in containers. They also attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Deer and rabbits tend to not forage on them.

The plants tend to decline in the summer and can be cut back to the ground at that point.

Plant Aquilegia in full sun to part sun 10-12″ apart. Grows 10-12″ tall.

We offer Aquilegia in our Quart Perennials size category and carry three colors: Winky Blue & White, Winky Red & White and Winky Rose Rose.

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