Arkansas Green Industry 2012 Trade Show

My wife and I spent most of last week in Hot Springs, AR at our annual Arkansas Green Industry Association (AGIA) trade show. As a board member and last year’s president-elect, I was in charge of scheduling our speakers. I want to thank this year’s speakers for their excellent presentations. I also want to thank Anne, Dawn, Marilyn and Steve for their help in getting our speakers when I got behind schedule.

At our Annual Meeting I was installed as the president of the AGIA. Doug Schneider was elected as our next president-elect. Thanks to all of who attended the meeting. We on the board will do our best to make the best decisions for the AGIA.

The trade show was smaller this year and not as well attended as past years, but in my opinion that was to be expected with the economy. Our industry is usually the last to be affected by a downturn and the last to recover. I think we have reach the low point and will begin to see improvements. I also think the improvements we see will be gradual so don’t expect an instant turn around.

I have big plans and a long list of what I want to accomplish during my two year term. Don’t be surprised if you are an association member and you get a call from me asking for your help. The AGIA is not just the board. It’ all of us working together.

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