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Armeria maritima Splendens is a compact perennial that looks like tufts of grass as it grows. When it blooms, it is covered in clusters of pink flowers on short stems held above the dark green foliage on 6-8″ stems. Armeria is a short perennial that makes excellent borders and edging. It’s brightly colored blooms attract butterflies and other pollinators.

Armeria martima is commonly known as Sea Thrift. Splendens is a very nice variety of Armeria that has two-tone pink to rosy-pink blooms. They bloom in clumps of about 15-25 flowers that look like a single bloom from a distance. The smaller, individual blooms are only distinguishable up close.

Overall, Armeria Splendens is a tough, low maintenance perennial well suited for most types of plantings.

Plant in full sun 9-12″ apart. Grows 8-10″ tall and 12-15″ wide at maturity.

We offer Armerai Splendens in our Quart Perennial size category.

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