Around the Farm and Some Product Highlights

The weather is yanking our chain again this week.  It was in the 70’s yesterday and today but there is a cold front moving in now (Tuesday evening).  Tomorrow’s high will be in the 40’s and there is a slight chance for some freezing precip on Thursday morning.  The cold front pretty much has Oklahoma and Arkansas shut down.  We loaded one truck for OK today but that looks like all for the week.  We are working on a load to northern Arkansas and one for southern Arkansas still. 

Further south is a different story.  We loaded three trucks going way south today.  There were a lot a vegetables on those racks.  Veggie plants and seed sales are reported to be up 800% in California and Arizona according to an article I read today.  Our 1204 veggies are up 135% over last year, and our #4 Charley’s Veggies are up quite a bit as well.  If you haven’t seen our Charley’s Veggies website you might want to take a few minutes and check it out.  We designed it to support our Charley’s Veggies sales on the consumer level to help new gardeners learn how to grow vegetables.

On the bedding plant front, we have lots of great looking products this week.  Wave Petunias in all sizes are looking great.  All the dianthus is in full color.  We are pulling from a new crop of J6 Impatiens that are mostly Buds now with a few blooms, but the #4 Impatien color popped out over the weekend.  #4.5 Dahlias look good as do the Trailing Verbena and Double Impatiens baskets. 

Sorry but I haven’t had time to take any pics or videos of these.  Maybe tomorrow.

But I do have some pics I took yesterday of our #12 Trailing Petunia Combo Deco Pots.

combo1 This is a new combo this year with white euphorbia, mona lavender plectranthus and rosy dawn wave petunias.  This is a great looking combo, and this picture doesn’t do it enough justice.

combo2 Another new combo for us this year – blue wave petunias, yellow trailing snapdragons and callie rose calibrachoa.  The yellow throat on the rose calibrachoa looks great with the yellow snaps and both contrast well against the blue wave.

combo3 An oldie but a goodie- blue wave with saguna blue vein trailng petunia and orange osteospermum.  A very popular combination for early spring.

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