Around The Farm On A Friday

Things are quiet around here today especially since the phones have been off for several hours today as we replace our phone system.  It was fried by lightning last week. 

This morning the girls pinched about 10,000 mum cuttings then asked to go home which was OK with me.  The guys are running the dirt for the mums.  We will start planting them on Monday. 

I finished setting up the new poinsettia items and pricing in the computer system today while it was quiet.  We have added in some new colors in limited quantities as trials plus we’ve come up with a new #8 Poinsettia Combo line that we think will become popular.  The poinsettia cuttings will be here the week after the 4th of July.

We have shut down and pulled the plug on quite a bit of what we had left.  We are still watering the #4s and larger sizes which still look good.

compacta1 Still have some nice ferns left for the summer.

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