Avaiability Update for the Week of 9-19-16

J6 Pansy Matrix Morpheus 9-16-16 (2)

The fall equinox will be here next week and it will officially be fall.  We have the plants to help make it look like fall.  Check out these great shots of what we have this week:

J6 Alyssum Purple 9-16-16J6 Dianthus Mix 9-16-16J6 Dianthus White 9-16-16J6 Matrix Blotch White 9-16-16J6 Panola Beaconsfield 9-16-16J6 Panola Golden Yellow 9-16-16J6 Panola Mix 9-16-16J6 Panola Orange 9-16-16J6 Panola True Blue 9-16-16J6 Pansies 9-16-16J6 Pansy Cols Blotch Rose 9-16-16J6 Pansy Martix Scarlet 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix Clear Mix 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix Light Blue 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix Morpheus 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix Purple 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix Sunrise 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix True Blue 9-16-16J6 Petunia Burgundy 9-16-16J6 Petunia Midnight 9-16-16J6 Petunia Mix 9-16-16 (2)J6 Petunia Mix 9-16-16J6 Snapdragon Mix 9-16-16J6 Snapdragons Red 9-16-16J6 Snapdragons Yellow 9-16-16J6 Violas 9-16-16

We have a very nice selection of J6 annuals and have some veggies as well

J6 Vegetable Broccoli 9-16-16J6 Vegetable Cabbage Red 9-16-16

Also, the #4 fall plants are looking really good

#4 Pansies 9-16-16 (2)#4 Pansies 9-16-16#4 Pansies Cols White Blotch 9-16-16#4 Petunia Burgundy 9-16-16#4 Petunia Sunshine 9-16-16#4 Petunias 9-16-16#4 Snapdragons 9-16-16#4 Snapdragons Mix 9-16-16

Lots to offer in the #6

#6 Calibrachoa 9-16-16 (2)#6 Calibrachoa 9-16-16#6 Calibrachoa Purple 9-16-16#6 Calibrachoa Yellow 9-16-16#6 Cool Wave Pansies 9-16-16#6 Kale Red Bor 9-16-16#6 Kale White 9-16-16#6 Mustard 9-16-16

We have some #8 mums to offer that are starting to crack as well as a few #12 mums.  #12 decos are ready.

#8 Mum Bronze 9-16-16#8 Mum White 9-16-16#12 Mum Red 9-16-16#12 Fall Deco 9-16-16

The baskets are looking good

#10 Foliage Basket 9-16-16 (2)#10 Foliage Basket 9-16-16Fall #10 Basket Cool Wave Pansy Yellow 9-16-16Fall #10 Basket Wave Petunias 9-16-16

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