Availability for the Week of 11-6

#4 Pansy Colossus Clear White 11-3-17

We have lots of great pansies and kale to offer this week.  Here are some pics from the greenhouses

#4 Pansy Colossus Purple 11-3-17#4 Pansy Matrix Beaconsfield 11-3-17

#4 Pansies

J6 Pansy Colossus Blotch Yellow 11-3-17J6 Pansy Colossus Purple 11-3-17J6 Pansy Matrix Clear Yellow 11-3-17J6 Pansy Matrix True Blue 11-3-17

J6 Pansies

#6 Chidori Kale 11-3-17#8 Chidori Red Kale 11-3-17


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