Availability for Week of October 23

#12 Bronze Mums

We are down to just a few colors of the mums and only in #12 pots.  We have many, many pansies available and they look great.  Here are the latest pics from the greenhouses

#4 Pansy Colossus Yellow Blotch 10-20-17#4 Snapdragons Sonnet Yellow 10-20-17

#4 Pansies and Snaps

#10 Wave Petunia Basket 10-20-17#10 Wave Petunia Basket White 10-20-17

#10 Baskets

Cabbage and Kale 10-20-17 (2)Cabbage and Kale 10-20-17 (3)Cabbage and Kale 10-20-17 (5)Cabbage and Kale 10-20-17

Cabbages and Kale

J6 Dianthus White 10-20-17J6 Panola Golden Yellow 10-20-17J6 Pansy Colossus Purple 10-20-17J6 Pansy Colossus White Blotch 10-20-17J6 Pansy Colossus Yellow Blotch 10-20-17J6 Pansy Matrix Clear Yellow 10-20-17J6 Pansy Matrix Rose 10-20-17J6 Pansy Matrix True Blue 10-20-17J6 Snapdragons Burgundy Bicolor 10-20-17J6 Viola Select Mix 10-20-17

J6 Annuals

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