Availability Update for March 24, 2014

Due to technical issues, I don’t have time to say much and will just be posting pictures. Be sure to click on the Future Availability if you check this between now (3-21-14) and Sunday. Just a reminder that the Future and Current are the same Mon-Wed. Starting on Thurs-Fri we update the availability for the upcoming week, so on Thurs-Sun you use the Future Availability to see the next week’s numbers.

Thanks for taking the time to look at these pictures. Let us know if you have any questions.

1 gal bumper crop tomatoes 1 3-21-141 gal sunpatiens 2 3-21-141 gal tomatoes 1 3-21-141qt lobularia 3-14-211qt picasso in pink petunia 3-14-214.5in bacopa 3-21-144.5in chocolate covered cherry coleus 3-21-144.5in dahlias 3-21-144in eggplants 3-21-144in kohlrabi 3-21-144in peppers 3-21-144in tomatoes 3-21-146in confetti garden 3-21-146in confetti gardens 3 3-14-216in confetti gardens 4 3-14-216in geraniums and confetti 3-21-146in pirates beauty confetti 3-21-146in potunia petunia 1 3-14-216in potunia petunia 2 3-21-1410in calibrachoa bskt  1 3-21-1410in double impatien bskt  1 3-21-1410in foliage combo bskt 3-21-1410in impatiens bskt 1 3-21-1410in jew basket 3-21-1410in petunia wave 3-14-2110in streptocarpella bskt 3-21-1410in swedish ivy bskt 3-21-1410in torenia bskt 3-21-14 (2)10in verbena bskt 3-21-1410in zonal geraniums 3-14-2112in confetti gardens bskts 1 3-21-1412in deco confetti gardens 3-21-1412in trailing petunia combo bskt 1 3-21-1412in trailing petunia combo bskt 2 3-21-141204  dianthus 3-21-141204 cole crops 3-21-141204 coleus dianthus 3-21-141204 dusty miller salvia 3-21-141204 eggplant 3-21-141204 marigolds 3-21-141204 peppers 3-21-141204 petunias 3-21-141204 squash 3-21-141204 tomatoes 3-21-141204 vinca 3-21-141204 watermelon 3-21-141801 dreamland yellow zinnias 3-21-141801 profusion zinnias 2 3-21-141801 red salvia 3-21-141801 verbena 3-21-141801 zahara zinnias 3-21-14J6 alyssum 3-21-14J6 burgundy star petunia 3-21-14J6 celosia 3-21-14J6 dianthus 3-21-14J6 impatiens 3-21-14J6 marigolds 3-21-14J6 mix portulca 3-21-14J6 pacifica blush vinca 3-21-14J6 petunias 3-21-14J6 salvia 3-21-14J6 snapdragons 3-21-14J6 verbena 3-21-14

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