Beacon Impatiens

Beacon Impatiens offer high resistance to impatiens downy mildew (caused by Plasmopara obducens) which allows the opportunity to bring back impatiens for beds, gardens and landscapes. Downy mildew has, off and on for for quite a few years, plagued impatiens in gardens and landscapes in areas that have long periods of high humidity.

Cool temperatures (60°F/15°C) and high humidity >85% especially at night, are the ideal conditions for the development and spread of downy mildew. Other factors such as moist air, rainy weather and improper irrigation that extends the amount of time moisture remains on the foliage also encourages disease development. In some instances downy mildew overwinter in the ground inside infected tissue and re-infect impatiens planted the next year unless they have higher resistance like Beacon.

Higher resistance does not mean immunity. It means that plants under heavy disease pressure may exhibit some symptoms or damage, but should continue to live.

Beacon Impatiens have a growth habit and flower size similar to Super Elfin Impatiens. They are low maintenance and flower freely in full shade. They will do well in both landscapes and containers.

Plant Beacon Impatiens 8-10″″ apart in full shade to partial sun (morning sun is best). Beacons grow 14-18″ tall and 12-14″ wide.

We grow Beacon Impatiens in J6 (606) and #4 (1801) size categories and carry Coral, Lipstick, Mix, Orange, Red, Rose, Salmon, Violet Shades and White.

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