Begonia Hanging Baskets

Rose Begonia

Begonia Hanging Baskets are a great way to liven up your porch or patio. They flower throughout the summer up to the first frost. Few other annuals can beat begonias for hardiness and continuous flowering throughout the summer.  Begonias with bronze foliage perform better in the sunnier locations while the other green-leafed varieties should be planted in the shade. They all prefer moist, well-drained, fertile soil.

Begonias are tough and can survive a lot of neglect. With proper care, they make outstanding hanging baskets. Keeping them watered enough with the occasional application of fertilizer is key to their care.

Hang Begonia Baskets in full sun to full shade. Bronze leaf do better in full sun and all of them do well in part shade to full shade. Best locations are where they can get 3-6 hours of morning sun and full shade in the afternoon.

Avoid overhead watering. If you must overhead water, be sure to not water while the Begonias are in full sun. The water droplets on the foliage can act like a magnifying glass and burn the leaves.

We grow our Begonia Baskets in the #10 Hanging Basket size category.

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