Begonia Big

The Big Begonia series has large blooms over glossy foliage. These begonias are a cross between Angel Wing and Fibrous (wax) Begonias. This means the blooms are bigger and more abundant. The leaves are larger and more pointed as well. Overall the plants are taller, well branched and more vigorous which makes them the perfect begonia for landscapes.

These hybrid begonias were developed to withstand a wide range of climates and soils. They will perform equally well in the sun or shade or anywhere between. The orchid-like blooms are larger the most begonias reach up to 2-3″ in size. The blooms are self-cleaning and require no deadheading.

Big Begonias have an upright, arching habit. They will really perform in landscapes but also do well in containers. The bronze foliage gets darker in full sun and the blooms really stand out against the dark foliage.

Few other annuals can beat begonias for hardiness and continuous flowering. Begonias flower throughout the summer up to the first frost. Begonias with bronze foliage perform better in the sunnier locations, while the green-leaved varieties should be planted in the shade. They prefer moist, well-drained, fertile soil but will do well in poor conditions and neglect.

Plant in full sun to full shade 12-18″ apart. Grows 15-20″ tall and 15-18″ wide.

We grow Big Begonias in the $4.5 Premium Annual size and carry Bronze Red and Bronze Rose.

Big Begonia Bronze Red

Big Begonia Bronze Red has dark bronze foliage and bright crimson-red blooms.

Red Begonia

Big Begonia Bronze Rose

Big Begonia Bronze Rose has dark bronze foliage and cheerful rosy-pink blooms.

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