Dragon Wing Begonia

Dragon Wing Begonia is a begonia on steroids. It is a vigorous begonia that fills out landscapes and containers easily. Dragon Wing begonias make excellent specimen plants in landscapes. Their pendulous habit does exceptionally well in hanging baskets and containers.

Dragon Wing has large blooms and solid glossy, green, wing-shaped leaves.  Deep pink or red blooms start in the spring and continue through the first frost of fall. In full sun the bloom colors are more vibrant and the foliage color darkens. 

Dragon Wing Begonia is heat tolerant and has a denser habit than other begonias. It can be planted in both full sun and full shade depending on your location. In milder climates they can be planted in full sun. In southern areas it is best to plant Dragon Wing where it can get shade from the hot afternoon sun. In the warmest areas of the south it may need full shade.  Though it can tolerate dry conditions, Dragon Wing prefer moist, well-drained soil. If planted in full sun it will require more water.

Plant Dragon Wing 12-15″ apart in full sun to full shade. They grow 12-15″ tall and can reach 15-18″ wide.

We produce Dragon Wing Begonias in #4.5 Premium, #10 Hanging Baskets, #12 Hanging Baskets and #12 Deco Pots.

We grow both Dragon Wing Begonia Pink and Dragon Wing Begonia Red.

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