Hanging Baskets

Tuberous Begonia has compact plants that are covered in large 2-4″ single and double bloomed flowers. The bloom colors are vibrant and eye-catching. They are ideal for shady porches and beds.

In addition to the bloom power, the foliage also adds to the plants overall attractiveness with large Jurassic-looking leaves.

Tuberous Begonia performs best in containers where waterings can be controlled. Avoid over watering. It needs evenly moist soil. It can be used in flower beds and landscapes but over watering can cause the stems to rot off at the soil line. A few days of heavy rain can be disastrous to Tuberous Begonias in a flower bed.

Plant Bliss 8-12″ apart in full shade to part sun. They grow 10-16″ tall.

We produce the Bliss series of Tuberous Begonia in #4.5 Premium and #10 Hanging Baskets.

The colors we grow are Bliss Orange, Bliss Pink, Bliss Scarlet and Bliss Yellow.

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