Best Spring Ever!

marigolds disco mixOK that’s an exaggeration. I want to reiterate that abnormal springs are now the norm so we are definitely in the middle of a normal spring where it snows in Kansas City on April 21 and freezes in Arkansas on April 24. Now it’s pouring rain in parts of Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Say what you will about the weather, the weekends have been nice, and next week looks great.

I think we might actually be past the worst, but I am sure we will have a few more obstacles to overcome. “Overcoming Obstacles” is basically the mantra of farmers, nursery people, greenhouse growers, garden center owners and landscapers. We take what comes at us, and we overcome.

I was talking to a group of people while giving them a tour here. It was raining and about 45 degrees. I explained what we do and the challenges we face. One person actually understood what we do and said, “Wow, your business is like one big gamble.”

So we take what comes at us. We adapt. We make mistakes. We dump plants. We plant new ones. We keep going. And we gamble again next year.

P.S. Taking pictures on a cloudy day doesn’t always give us a the best pictures.


torenia vinca 1 vinca 2 dusty miller and dianthus impatiens  salvia baskets zonal geranium deco new guinea impatiens 1 gal sunpatiens 1 1 gal sunpatiens 2 6in confetti 1 6in confetti 4 12in coco cone 13 16in coco basket 1 16in coco basket 2 16in coco basket 9 16in coco planter 1 16in coco planter 8 basket calibrachoa baskets begonia santa cruz baskets caliente geranium baskets double wave petunia baskets new guinea impatiens Lobelia #12 Scaevola Basket 1 gal hardy hibiscus 1 gal impatiens 8 1 gal lantana 2 1 gal lantana 1 gal mandevilla 1 gal tropical hibiscus 4.5in angelonia lavender 4.5in bacopa 4.5in dahlias 4.5in plectranthus 4.5in succulents 4.5in sun coleus 1 4.5in sun coleus 5 6in geraniums 6in taishan marigolds 6in wave petunias 12in deco confetti 12in lantana baskets 1801 vinca burgundy halo 1801 zinnias dreamland mix artemesia caladiums 10 caladiums 11 coreopsis herb tricolor sage

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