Bossa Nova Begonia

Bossa Nova Begonia is similar to Bonfire and Santa Cruz Begonias. They have an exciting “carnival” look but can sway in the breeze like a soothing melody. “Bossa” literally means new trend or fashionable wave and this variety of begonia fits in nicely with other begonias of this type.

Bossa Nova Begonia will bloom from spring until fall. Their blooms are very bright and eye catching, and the plant itself is low maintenance and drought tolerant. The unique blooms are mingled in with the dark green wing-shaped leaves and will spill over the sides of containers or form nice mounds on the ground.  

There is no pruning or cleaning necessary because the old blooms fall off as new ones come on. If you are in a location with pretty hot summers make sure that your plant gets some afternoon shade to avoid burning. Begonias are not fond of sitting in water so be sure the soil drains well and that you do not over water.

They can be planted in the ground or other containers if you prefer. Plant 10-20″ apart. They will perform best in a location with morning sun and afternoon shade or in spot that gets filtered sun. They will grow 12-16″ tall.

Make sure Bossa Novas don’t have too much shade or they will bloom less frequently and the blooms will be smaller.  Water in the morning before it gets too hot to avoid scorching or a couple of hours before sunset to allow the leaves to dry and avoid mold.

Bossa Nova Begonias are available in our #10 Hanging Baskets size category. We grow Bossa Nova Red and Bossa Nova Orange Begonias but do not sell them by the color.

bossa nova orange begonia
Bossa Nova Red
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bossa nova red begonia
Bossa Nova Orange
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