BRRRRRRRR! Is It Winter Already?

Ok, y’all, I got cold!  On Saturday it was 70 something degrees now it’s barely 45 degrees.  Either fall has shown up late or winter is here early.

Whichever it is, we are working hard around here finalizing our spring plantings.  A few early cutting shipments have arrived and were stuck last week.  Looking for a fuchsia shipment this week.  We’re also shipping out pansies (still) and our first poinsettia trucks this week.  The one we loaded today had both pansies and poinsettias on it. 

I don’t think the pansies will last much longer, maybe a week or two before they are too far out of spec.  We’re pulling the plug on a few other fall annuals today and dumping them.  Fall sales were flat, but we grew more than last year so we have the leftovers.

Otherwise it’s a slow week, and I’m having trouble keeping my crew busy.  Also we are trying to figure out why our Facebook page quit posting our updates to the Feeds.  Gotta do some research on that one.  If you get bored, you can read a Flower Bed Fairy Tale that one of the girls in the office wrote to go along with our picture gallery.

Talk to you later.  Stay warm.

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