Buddleia davidii Buzz™ is a compact buddleia series. Buddliea are deciduous shrubs with arching branches that end in long, cone clusters of tiny blooms. They have lance shaped leaves that are greenish-silver. The cone-shaped bloom stems are scented and attract pollinators. Butterflies and hummingbirds seem to especially like their sweet honey scent.

Buddleia bloom all summer and into the fall. Blooms grow on the ends of the current year’s growth. Prune in early to mid-spring to promote the new growth and new flowers. Avoid pruning too early as a hard frost can damage the new growth, but prune early enough for the growth to mature and bloom that year.

Buddleia are easy to grow and low maintenance. They will grow in most soils and conditions, and are drought tolerant. Buddleias are an absolute must have for butterfly gardens, and deer and rabbits don’t bother them.

The Buzz Buddleia are bred to produce buddleia that are compact, long-blooming with good flower color and sterile. They work well in border plantings as well as in small gardens and containers.

Plant in full sun 30-50″ apart. Grows 30-60″ tall and 24-50″ wide.

We carry Buzz Buddleias in our Quart Perennials, and offer Buzz Midnight, Buzz Sky Blue and Buzz Velvet.

Buzz Midnight

buzz midnight buddleia bfp
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Buzz Sky Blue

buzz sky blue buddleia bfp
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Buzz Velvet

Velvet Butterfly Bush
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