Burpee Home Gardens


Another new program that we are looking at for 2010 is the new Burpee line of vegetables from BALL.  The Burpee Home Gardens will consist of a lot of Burpee exclusive varieties that have previously only been available as seed from Burpee Seed and along with some standard varieties.  There is an extensive list of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, cole crops, cucumbers and more. 

Any grower that grows the Burpee vegetables has to grow them in a Burpee branded pot with a Burpee tag.  In addition to that, from  what we understand, growers will also have to provide POP materials to each participating garden center.  What I think the  Burpee/BALL folks are wanting is for the growers to provide a display rack with POP that the garden centers can use and replenish with every fresh shipment.  I don’t recommend selling vegetables off a rack.  If the plants are on a rack for more than a day or two, they will start to stretch.  A bench or end cap with a sign and bench wrap would look better. 

Burpee/BALL have a huge marketing campaign scheduled next spring for this program.  The early buzz that we are hearing from the trade shows is that this will be THE veggie program to have in your store.  They also have a nice website to support the program.

We would like to hear your thoughts on this program.  Is it something the you will want to carry?  Let us know what you think.

image Burpee POP Banner


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