Burpee Vegetables, Premium Annuals, Herbs and A New Availability

Burpee Vegetables are ready this week to go along with our own Charley’s Veggies and Herbs that are looking really nice.  The Burpee vegetables are varieties that prior to this year.  Hanging baskets are looking really good and are moving fast.  Our availability on them is up and down depending on what you are looking for.  Pay close attention to the comments.  There are a lot of items with Buds/Light Color and Light Color now, but by the middle of next week we should have decent color showing on all of those.

New Availability:  avail-3-26

burpee-peppers burpee-tomatoes

burpee-eggplant-purple-blaze Wave-petunia-plum-vein

foliage-combo-basket dazzler-mix-impatiens

lamium-white-nancy new-guinea-impatien-bicolor

lantna-luck-yellow herb-tricolor-sage

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