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Blue Lake 274 Bush Bean is an heirloom Bush Bean that has been a longtime favorite of gardeners. It is a prolific producer. It produces 5-6″ dark green seed pots, and beans are white and fiber-free. Blue Lake 274 is tender and has a great flavor. It is know to retain this flavor when canned or frozen.

Plant in a sunny location 6″ apart when the soil temperature reaches a steady 65F degrees. If planting rows, space rows 24″ apart.

Grows 15-20″ tall and 10″ wide. Plants are self-supporting.

Plant every two weeks to keep a steady supply of beans. Blue Lake 274 matures in 50-60 days from germination. Maturity from planting our live plants will be about 30 days depending on the size of the plant. Most plants are sold when 21-28 days old. Harvest usually last 2-3 weeks.

Blue Lake 274 beans should be harvested when 50% of the beans are 11/32-3/8″ in size (3-4 sieve).

Cultivate the soil to keep the weeds out or mulch.

Water deeply 1-2 times a week (give a good soaking). If overhead sprinklers are used, water in the mornings to give the plant foliage time to dry out to help reduce disease pressure.

Blue Lake 274 Bush Bean is available in our #4 Charley’s Vegetables size category.

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