Business Is Booming and A New Availability

So far this has been one of the best years we have had in quite a while.  The exceptionally cold winter, the beginnings of an economic recovery and a continued surge in more people gardening has made this a very busy spring.

One of the down sides to a great spring season is that you cannot plan for it.  By the time we know it’s a great spring, everything has been planted so we can’t increase production.  Another issue is delivery.  We don’t know that we will get 200 orders on a Monday until it happens and therefore can’t plan for the loading.  All we can do is react and do the best we can.  All of this means that during the busiest weeks we do not have enough of some items and we are not be able to get everyone delivered on the day they need it.

New Availability – avail-4.23

#12-wave-decs Burpee-cucumber

calibrachoa color-bowls

grasses new-guinea-trailing

stepables-pratts-black greenhouse4

greenhouse6 greenhouse8

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