Busy December and Some Other Stuff

I have been neglecting the blog this month. Sorry about the lack of posts. November and December are strange work months for me. I am usually focused on getting the last of the spring bookings and scheduling wrapped up and getting our seed plugs which start sowing in November scheduled for Paul. Due to the way the fall mum and pansy season coincides with the need to get spring scheduled, I am not very involved with the poinsettia grown which is fine by me. But for about 4-5 weeks in November and December, I have to keep an eye on the packing and shipping while working on the spring schedules. Also due to the lulls between mums and poinsettias, I also try to take time off.

This year all that conspired against me and had me perpetually behind on getting my work done and left me with very little time to post. I am in fact still behind. I’m done with my part of the planting schedule (Clay was done with his part a month before I was), but I am still not done with the plug schedule. I’m up to sow week 9 with 6 weeks to go. I might get done this week if I can squeeze it in before having to switch email servers.

Our poinsettia season went great. We sold out of everything except for a few pots of white we have left. I hope all of you that we sold poinsettias to had the same success. We also want to thank all of you for making our season successful. I was a little worried about this season. Our sales team talked me and Clay into increasing our poinsettia production and we added in over 30,000 pots. I was really sweating it there for a while but they did a great job selling all of them. For next year they will probably talk us into upping it some more. I have some preliminary numbers I am looking at.

Also from now until the end of the year, you can book your poinsettias for next year at this year’s pricing. So order now and lock in your pricing.

Since I don’t have any pictures for this post, here are some links to recent articles that I found interesting.

3 Ideas To Change The Nursery Industry – ideas on collective advertising and how to increase plant demand.

Alabama Green Industry Looks For Workers – the aftermath of their new immigration laws which is equated to running eHarmony trying to match employees with jobs.

Greenhouse Vegetables As Christmas Decor – I don’t know about this one. What do you think?

Also I have been using Google+ for a while now. If any of you would like to circle the Parks Brothers Page you can find it here.


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