Busy Week–Availability Update for September 29, 2014

J6 panola 9-26-14 9This week have been a very busy week shipping. We have moved through a good portion of our #12 mums. We also sold the remaining open availability on those this week so we are pretty much completely sold out. There are some small numbers of a few #12 colors available.

Sales for our fall pansies, snapdragons and other fall color are going well. We are at the end of some plantings and should sell out pretty quickly next week. Once we are sold out we will be temporarily out of some items for a week or so. We are also going to be in between crops on our 1801 pansies for a few days next week until that next crop gets ready.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Our next crop of dianthus is a little light on color compared to what is on hand from the current crop. Inventory numbers reflects both crops.

J6 dianthus 9-26-14 1J6 dianthus 9-26-14 2

Pansies and Panolas have very good color. These are what we are currently stocking and shipping from.

J6 pansy 9-26-14 1J6 pansy 9-26-14 2J6 pansy 9-26-14 3J6 pansy 9-26-14 4J6 pansy 9-26-14 5J6 pansy 9-26-14 6J6 panola 9-26-14 7J6 panola 9-26-14 8

This is our next crop of pansies, panolas and violas. Our inventory numbers include what is left from the current crop plus the next crop.

J6 pansy new crop 9-26-14J6 violas 9-26-14

J6 petunias and snapdragons. Our next plantings of these two won’t be ready next week so the numbers in inventory are all that we have until the next crops.

J6 petunia 9-26-14 2J6 petunia 9-26-14 1J6 petunias 9-26-14 3J6 snapdragons 9-26-14 2J6 snapdragons 9-26-14 1

We have a few 1801 petunias left. One lonely flat of white petunias. Once these are gone, we will be out for the rest of next week. Our next crop of 1801 snaps has buds and a few blooms. However, we still have some good color in the solid color snapdragons.

1801 petunia 9-26-14 11801 snapdragons 9-26-14 51801 snapdragons mix 9-26-141801 snapdragons 9-26-14 21801 snapdragons 9-26-14 3

I have one more planting of #6 Wave Petunias but it is not ready yet. There are a few blue and white left. The yellow and white Cool Wave Pansies are ready in the next planting. We also have good availability on most of our ornamental fall plants.

6in calibrachoas and wave petunias 9-26-146in cool wave pansy 9-26-146in ornamental mustard 9-26-146in swiss chard 9-26-14cabbage and kale 4 9-26-14cabbage and kale 9-26-14 1cabbage and kale 9-26-14 2cabbage and kale 9-26-14 3cabbage and kale 9-26-14 5

J6 Fall Cole Crops

J6 cole crops 9-26-14 1J6 cole crops 9-26-14 2

As you can see from these pictures, we have a wide range of color showing in our #8 mums. What you get will depend on when we ship your order. We were still pulling mums to load Sunday when I took these pictures and I know that some of these purple are already pulled to ship. The picture of the bronze, white and yellow are all we have left in the field.

Regarding the #12 mums – we will probably be looking at growing more next year to keep up with demand.

8in bronze 9-26-14 18in purple 9-26-14 18in purple 9-26-14 28in red mum 9-26-14 18in red mum 9-26-14 28in white mum 9-26-148in yellow mum 9-26-14

The Burgundy Velour, Red Velour, Blue and Violet Wave Petunias baskets in our next planting are ready or part of them. I did not enter all the red or white. Some of them need to grow a little more along with the colors I did not enter.

10in blue wave petunia basket 9-26-1410in burgundy velour wave petunia basket 9-26-1410in red velour wave petunia basket 9-26-1410in violet wave petunia basket 9-26-1410in white wave petunia basket 9-26-14

I will key in a few of our Dreams Petunia baskets, but as you can see some colors are bigger than the others. I will look at them again Monday morning and add in any more that get ready. Sometimes a few days can make a lot of difference in the size. And sometimes they need 2 weeks.

10in petunia baskets 9-26-14 110in petunia baskets 9-26-14 2

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