By The Way, We Have Beautiful Plants

I hope your week went well despite all the rain. We got plenty of it here. I don’t think there was a single person on the farm who was dry on Tuesday or cold on Wednesday. It was a miserable week, but today and the weekend looks great.

Even with the rain, we have been shipping steadily. The crops look great. We have been behind on some items that are now available like the #12 Confetti baskets. We have good availability on most of our J6 and #4.5 Premium annuals and good color too. We are going to be in between crops on our Wave Petunias #6 and #10 baskets. I hope that I can start pulling some by Wednesday of next week.

It’s picture time! Now tell me that our plants don’t look great.

1204 begonias 1204 impatiens 1801 ageratum 1801 begonias 3 1801 begonias 4 1801 dreamland yellow zinnias 1801 hypoestes 1801 impatniens 1801 mix verbena 1801 profusion apricot zinnia 1801 red salvia 1801 setcresea 1801 zahara double cherry zinnias autumn fern baby wing begonia 4.5in bacopa 4.5in bandito orange sunrise lantana 4.5in bliss begonia 4.5in sweetie new guinea 4.5in caladiums 6in calibrachoa baskets 1 caliente geranium basket coleus electric lime 4.5in coleus indian summer 4.5in confetti garden 12in baskets 6 confetti garden 12in baskets 8 confetti garden 12in deco dahlia 4.5in double impatiens baskets euphorbia 4.5in fiesta peppermint double impatiens 4.5in geranium 4.5in geraniums 6in holly fern impatien baskets impatiens combo 12In deco lemon balm 4in new guinea 12in deco sprengri fern basket stepables 4in sunflower 8in sunpatiens gal 5 sunpatiens gal 6 wave petunia medley 8in tomato gal bumper crop 3 trailing petunia combo 12in deco 5 trailing petunia combo 12in deco 6 tropical hibiscus tuberous begonia baskets verbena basekts vinca baskets wave double baskets 1

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