batting eyes calibrachoa basket
#12 Trixi Batting Eyes Basket

Calibrachoa has an abundance blooms on trailing green foliage with tiny elongated leaves.  It is a vigorous, fast growing annual that features hundreds of vividly colored small Petunia like flowers that bloom from spring to first frost.

Unlike regular Petunias, calibrachoa is self cleaning, meaning that it sheds it’s spent flowers and replaces them with new ones. In early fall, cabaret calibrachoa will continue to perform. They like the cool weather of fall as much as the warm weather of summer. Calibrachoa can also withstand a frost and are hardy to approximately 28 degrees.

They will struggle some in the summer and can stop blooming which is normal. Some afternoon shade can help offset this some. Don’t worry. As the days get shorter and as the temps cool down, they will start blooming again.

Calibrachoa is a very popular plant, and we produce a lot of different varieties of Calibrachoa. Each variety is chosen specifically for their colors and performance in the size that we grow them in.

#4.5 Conga Calibrachoa

Conga Calibrachoa is a compact series that is well suited for containers, window boxes and smaller garden spaces. It can be used in larger gardens and containers but may not fill them out completely.

Conga grows 6-10″ tall and spreads 8-10″ wide.

We produce Conga in our #4.5 Premium category and grow Dark Blue, Orange Kiss, Pink Star, Purple Star, Red, Rose and Yellow.

#10 Calibrachoa Hanging Baskets

Cabaret is between Bumble Bee and Conga but is still vigorous enough for any landscape, container or hanging basket. The series has a wide varieties of colors in the series making them popular with both growers and consumers.

We produce Cabaret in our #10 Hanging Baskets and grow Bright Red, Good Night Kiss, Midnight Blue, Midnight Kiss, Orange, Pink, Sky Blue and Yellow. We also grow three MixMasters mixes – Fruit Cocktail, Laguna Beach and Sprinkles On Top.

Mix Calibrachoa
Fruit Cocktail
laguna beach cabaret calibrachoa mixmastes
Laguna Beach
sprinkles on top mixmaster
Sprinkles On Top

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Proven Winners Calibrachoas

We have 14 colors of the Superbells series in our 1QT Proven Winners category. We grow popular and unique colors of Superbells. Go to Proven Winners to see them all.

Superbells Double Amber
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Confetti Garden Calibrachoas

In the Confetti Garden line grow both monoculture mixes of different colors as well as combinations that include calibrachoas. There is definitely something for everyone in the Confetti Gardens. We produce Confetti Garden in our #6 Confetti Garden, #12 Baskets and #12 Deco Combos. Go to Confetti Garden to see all the different colorful mixes and combinations we grow.

bloomtastic summer soltice confetti
Bloomtastic Summer Solstice

#12 Basket & Deco Calibrachoas

In addition to the Confetti Garden in #12 Baskets and Decos, we grow a good selection of other monoculture and combinations in both that incorporate calibrachoas. Go to our #12 Combination Baskets and #12 Deco Combo pages to see the different Trixi and MixMasters combinations.

Trixi Gold & Bold 17 MiniFamous Neo Yellow Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Violet+Eye Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Purple Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Violet+Eye Calibrachoa Selecta 2017 Pot On Sweep, Vegetative 05.15 Arroyo Grande, Mark Widhalm Trixi155_02.JPG TRI15-19437_AL_OL_Pot.jpg
Trixi Gold & Bold
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