Caliente Geranium

Caliente Geranium is an interspecific blending of zonal and ivy geraniums.  Similar to Calliope Geraniums, these exhibit blooms with the characteristics of the old type ivy geraniums, but have the vigor of zonal geraniums with a slightly trailing habit. 

Caliente Geranium exhibits moderate frost tolerance and love the heat. They are moderately low maintenance. Old blooms can be removed to promote new ones. Keep the baskets evenly moist and try not to let them dry out completely.

Hang in full sun to part sun. Caliente Geraniums grow 18-24″ wide and 12-16″ tall.

In our #10 Hanging Baskets size category, we grow Coral Salmon, Fire, Lavender, Orange and Tropical Mix (Coral Salmon, Lavender & Orange).

caliente coral salmon
Caliente Coral Salmon
caliente fire geranium
Caliente Fire
caliente lavender geranium
Caliente Lavender
orange caliente geranium
Caliente Orange
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