Soiree Catharanthus

Soiree Catharanthus is a type of periwinkle. It’s also call Madagascar Periwinkle. Just like it’s familiar periwinkle cousins, Catharanthus does well in the heat and humidity. Small elegant blooms cover each plant all season long.

Catharanthus grows well in both landscapes and containers. Soiree is a mounding, bushy plant that spreads out to fill in landscapes, hang over retaining walls and spill out of containers. Its branching habit produces an abundance of flowers that love the heat of summer. In addition they also look great in combination planters with other heat loving plants.

Soiree’s heat tolerance makes it an ideal selection for Southern gardens. Plant Soiree® in full sun in well drained soil.

We grow two types of Soiree Catharanthus – Double and Kawaii in our #4.5 Premium category.

Soiree Double Catharanthus

Soiree Double is covered in dainty, double and semi-double blooms with frilly petals. We are growing Double Orchid and Double Pink. Their bright bloom colors contrast well against the glossy green leaves.

Soiree Double is more vigorous that Crown and Kawaii and will fill out beds and containers faster. This makes it a good selection for landscapes and large containers.

Plant in full sun 14-18″ apart. They will fill out to 10-14″ tall and 20-25″ wide.

Application: Containers, Hanging Baskets, Landscapes

Soiree Kawaii Catharanthus

Soiree Kawaii is covered in small, elegant flowers referred to as a micro-blooming. “Kawaii” means cute in Japanese. Soiree Kawaii lives up to it’s name with its cute plants that are covered in cute flowers that resemble abstract, cartoon drawn flowers.

Soiree Kawaii is a compact plant. Because of this it is best suited for smaller containers, window boxes and borders. Plants remain compact all season.

We are growing Kawaii Coral, Lavender, Red and White Peppermint.

Plant in full sun 6-10″ apart. They will fill out to 6-10″ tall and 12-18″ wide.

Application: Containers, Hanging Baskets, Borders

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